• 9781550596946

    Essentials of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

    Dr. Rahim Valani

    This quick reference guide provides residents and physicians with a valuable tool to help diagnose and treat the most common pediatric emergencies.

  • 9781550597707

    Just What the Doctor Ordered

    The Insider’s Guide to Getting into Medical School in Canada

    Christine Fader

    Getting into med school in Canada isn’t easy—you need to stand out among a field of highly motivated and accomplished applicants. Learn to strategize and prepare for future medical applications.

  • 9781550597875

    Last But Not Least

    A Guide to Proofreading Text

    This handy guide is a combination primer and workbook to teach you the specific skills you need to find grammar gremlins, typos, and other slips that mar your copy and compromise communication.

  • 9781550597837


    Learn to Love Your Screenplay Again

    Josh Miller

    Learn how to craft a compelling story, deploy advanced techniques used by professional screenwriters, and harness your unique voice to give your screenplay real substance.

  • 9781550597790

    Writing Superior Essays

    Clear Steps to Power, Creativity, and Better Grades

    Writing instructor Laura Swart gives you the tools to unlock your potential as a writer and create essays that will stand out from the rest of your class. Stop boring your profs with dull papers and get better grades!