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As the world undergoes massive changes, education systems face the challenge of educating students to thrive in a future of which we are only just starting to see the outlines. This book is designed to speak to educators, administrators, educational designers, government officials and parents about a new way of being in the educational world, one that embeds collaborative creativity and creative development at its core. This volume provides a view of what an educational culture of collaborative creativity could look like through a journey that goes from theory to practice. Between chapters, the text is supplemented with conversations with experts from a variety of international and cultural educational contexts.

Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly, PhD, is an associate professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Calgary, where he teaches studio art, curriculum theory, design, and creativity theory and practice. He has been a featured keynote speaker at conferences and workshops across Canada, speaking on creativity and educational practice. He is currently developing new courses on creativity through his Creativity Education Project.