• 9781550590838

    Backyard Trampolining

    Darlene Traviss

    Backyard Trampolining is the most comprehensive guide available for recreational trampolinists.

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    Educating for Creativity

    A Global Conversation

    Robert Kelly

    Take a journey with educator and artist Robert Kelly to the most innovative schools on the planet to witness creative practice in action. Through stories and real-life examples, discover the techniques of global leaders in creativity and design thinking.

  • 9781550595802

    Tools for Teaching Social Studies

    A How-to Handbook of Useful Ideas and Practical Solutions

    Jim Parsons, Mariah Schroder

    Tools for Teaching delivers a wealth of practical, immediately useful ideas for the classroom—all grounded in solid educational philosophy.

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    The Mental and Emotional Life of Teenagers

    John J. Mitchell

    The emotional life of teens is confused by their alternating cravings for togetherness and selfishness. Author John Mitchell investigates the role of intelligence and emotion in the everyday life of teenagers.

  • 9781550594430

    Diversity, Culture and Counselling Instructor's Manual

    M. Honoré France, María del Carmen Rodríguez, Geoffrey G. Hett

    This descriptive guide shows instructors how to most effectively use Diversity, Culture and Counselling 2e in the classroom and includes resources for assignments and assessment.

  • 9781550593952

    Creative Arts in Research for Community and Cultural Change

    Cheryl L. McLean, Robert Kelly

    These illustrative articles describe the creative arts in research and practice within neighbourhoods, villages, and cities for community and cultural change. 

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    Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice

    Inquiries for Hope and Change

    Cheryl L. McLean, Robert Kelly

    In this collection of creative research in action, leading academics, health researchers, physicians, educators, environmentalists, and artists share how they’re using the creative arts in cutting-edge research and in methodologies for health, hope, and change.

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    Writing Canadian English

    Intermediate Student Workbook

    Sheridan Anderson, Karen Roth

    An all-Canadian ESL resource.

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    Early Childhood Curricula

    Reconceptualist Perspectives

    Luigi Iannacci, Pam Whitty

    Pan-Canadian research from scholars grounded in reconceptualist curriculum theorizing is presented, drawing from sociocultural, feminist, critical, postmodern, and decolonizing understandings about early childhood, education, and care.

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    Adapting Mentorship Across the Professions

    Fresh Insights and Perspectives

    Edwin G. Ralph, Keith D. Walker

    Thirty-five authors discuss mentorship in general, and focus on the key aspects and strengths of the Adaptive Mentorship model.

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    Engaging Equity

    New Perspectives on Anti-Racist Education

    Leeno Karumanchery

    Recognizing that racism and other forms of oppression continue to evolve and adapt, it is crucial that our strategies for resistance are equally dynamic and proactive. Leeno Karumanchery has brought together some of critical theory's most powerful voices to explore this vital strand of the anti-racist tapestry.

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    Synergy, Healing, and Empowerment

    Insights from Cultural Diversity

    Richard Katz, Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

    Drawing upon the diverse cultural experiences of Aboriginal groups in North America and around the world, this groundbreaking collection explores alternatives in the areas of counseling, education, and community health and development.

  • 9781550595482

    Immigrant and Refugee Students in Canada

    Courtney Anne Brewer, Michael McCabe

    A thorough and wide-ranging analysis of the issues different immigrant and refugee groups face in navigating the Canadian education system at the preschool, elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels.

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    Ukrainian for Speakers of English Written Exercises

    Introductory and Intermediate Levels

    Roma Franko
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    The Practicum in Professional Education

    Canadian Perspectives

    Edwin G. Ralph, Keith D. Walker, Randolph Wimmer

    This book informs, encourages, and influences educational leaders in higher education who are interested in the practicum/clinical phase of education across the professional disciplines.

  • Cts bc%20web

    Children, Teachers and Schools in the History of British Columbia

    Jean Barman, Mona Gleason

    The second edition explores the myriad ways that education, broadly defined, molds each of us in profound and enduring ways. 

  • 9781550594560

    Approaches to Aboriginal Education in Canada

    Searching For Solutions

    Frances Widdowson, Albert Howard

    This timely publication brings diverse perspectives on Aboriginal education together in one volume, providing readers a context with which to understand and consider them.

  • Wce%20begin%20front%20cover%20website

    Writing Canadian English

    A Beginning, Student Workbook

    Sheridan Anderson, M. Elaine Sorensen

    An all-Canadian ESL resource.

  • Ukrainian%20oral%20front%20cover

    Ukrainian for Speakers of English Oral Exercises

    Introductory and Intermediate Levels

    Roma Franko
  • Wceith

    Writing Canadian English

    Intermediate Teacher’s Handbook

    Sheridan Anderson, Karen Roth

    An all-Canadian ESL resource.

  • Philo%20ed

    Philosophy of Education

    Introductory Readings

    William Hare, John P. Portelli

    Revised and updated with 25 new essays, the fourth edition of this bestselling collection brings together more than 30 leaders in the field of educational theory. 

  • Edu%20pol%20stud%20cover%20website

    Educational Policy Studies

    A Practical Approach

    Jerome G. Delaney

    From an exploration of the term "educational policy studies" to in-depth examinations of what can make or break an educational policy, this straightforward text clarifies both the background issues and the purely technical matters that can affect policy.

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    The Art of University Teaching

    George Melnyk, Christine Mason Sutherland

    New university professors will find guidance and insight in these essays, which trace the many ways that professors have achieved excellence. This collection also contains reflections by university students. 

  • 9781550595659

    Wisdom & Metaphor

    Jan Zwicky

    In the foreword to Wisdom & Metaphor, Jan Zwicky describes how “those who think metaphorically are enabled to think truly, because the shape of their thinking echoes the shape of the world.”

  • 9781550595529

    Ten Strategies for Building Community with Technology

    A Handbook for Instructional Designers and Program Developers

    Bernie Potvin, Nicki Rehn, David Peat

    This book gives you all the background, tactics, examples and advice you need to design successful learning communities with technology.

  • W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmtcvmtjfndhfmzhfndq5x2nvdmvyx2ltywdlxzk1lmpwzyjdlfsiccisinrodw1iiiwimtawede1mfx1mdazzsjdxq?sha=20802fa14121ec2b

    Canadian Educational Leadership

    Thomas G. Ryan

    This text addresses Canadian education from a provincial and regional focus. The perspectives presented in this text are both timely and current, and the authors have made a concerted effort to include the voices of writers from across Canada who are themselves education leaders of considerable integrity and resourcefulness.

  • W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmtcvmtjfndhfmzlfnzbfy292zxjfaw1hz2vfmjywlmpwzyjdlfsiccisinrodw1iiiwimtawede1mfx1mdazzsjdxq?sha=c02a6103693850d0

    Creative Expression, Creative Education

    Creativity as a Primary Rationale for Education

    Robert Kelly, Carl Leggo

    Creative Expression, Creative Education is based on the premise that creativity should be a primary rationale for education. This collection of essays highlights the experiences of a wide community of creative producers who represent the energy of creative expression and creative education.

  • W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmtcvmtjfndhfndbfnty0x2nvdmvyx2ltywdlxzi4ns5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisijewmhgxntbcdtawm2uixv0?sha=f2f949b3bd94b43b

    First Nations Teachers

    Identity and Community, Struggle and Change

    June Beynon

    The struggles and identities of educators are rich resources for transforming colonial and post-colonial educational systems. The teachers in this book resourcefully built their own identities from Indigenous ideologies and practices, as well as the world of mainstream schools.

  • 9781550595604

    Lyric Philosophy

    Jan Zwicky

    In this ground-breaking study on the nature of philosophy, Jan Zwicky demonstrates how much of potential philosophical significance is lost if our notion of meaningful language is constrained by narrow concepts of analytic rigour.

  • W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmtcvmtjfndhfndffnju1x2nvdmvyx2ltywdlxzg1lmpwzyjdlfsiccisinrodw1iiiwimtawede1mfx1mdazzsjdxq?sha=2658369c4c4cab9e

    Let's Talk About Law in Elementary School

    Wanda Cassidy, Ruth Yates

    There is growing interest from teachers at the elementary level in addressing legal topics, concepts and skills with their students. This guide addresses their need for relevant ideas and materials that can be integrated into the core subjects of social studies, language arts, and science.

  • W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmtcvmtjfndhfndffoti5x2nvdmvyx2ltywdlxzi3ns5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisijewmhgxntbcdtawm2uixv0?sha=1bcdc400935723df

    Models of Classroom Management

    Principles, Practices and Critical Considerations

    Jack Martin, Jeff Sugarman, John McNamara

    This book provides the latest research and theories around effective classroom management, while challenging teachers to think critically about how to adapt these principles to the unique circumstances of their classrooms.

  • W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmtcvmtjfndhfndffmjuzx2nvdmvyx2ltywdlxze2ni5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisijewmhgxntbcdtawm2uixv0?sha=c004ef435c5d1043

    The Kitchen Table Classroom

    How to Make Your Home a School

    Dianne Wilton

    The Kitchen Table Classroom empowers parents to become meaningfully involved in the education of their children, whether they want to supplement school studies or completely home-school their child.

  • Wcebth

    Writing Canadian English

    A Beginning, Teacher’s Handbook

    Sheridan Anderson, M. Elaine Sorensen

    An all-Canadian ESL resource.

  • W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmtcvmtjfndhfmzhfnje5x2nvdmvyx2ltywdlxziyny5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisijewmhgxntbcdtawm2uixv0?sha=318066f9f17fa06a

    Contemporary Studies in Canadian Curriculum

    Principles, Portraits, & Practices

    Darren Stanley, Kelly Young

    This important new collection addresses the current state of curriculum studies in Canada. It is divided into three parts, focusing respectively on social identities, cultural perspectives, and Indigenous and environmental perspectives.

  • W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmtcvmtjfndhfmzlfmtk3x2nvdmvyx2ltywdlxzexns5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisijewmhgxntbcdtawm2uixv0?sha=22219f0efd9fc231

    Diversity and Aging Among Immigrant Seniors in Canada

    Changing Faces and Greying Temples

    Douglas Durst, Michael MacLean

    Most immigrant research addresses the issues of integration and adjustment of young and adult immigrants with little work on aging. Diversity and Aging Among Immigrant Seniors in Canada breaks from this tradition by offering an eclectic collection of original research from many of Canada's leading researchers on aging and immigrants.

  • 9781550592214

    Resting Lightly on Mother Earth

    The Aboriginal Experience in Urban Educational Settings

    Angela Ward, Rita Bouvier

    The voices of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal participants are heard as they chronicle their survival in mainstream school systems.

  • W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmtcvmtjfndhfndffnte1x2nvdmvyx2ltywdlxzeyny5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisijewmhgxntbcdtawm2uixv0?sha=c6032df9d884d3de

    Legal Dimensions of Education

    Implications for Teachers and School Administrators

    Jerome G. Delaney

    Author and education professor Jerome G. Delaney tackles some thorny questions and provides educators with a comprehensive overview of the legal topics they may face in their day-to-day jobs.

  • W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmtcvmtjfndhfndjfnjrfy292zxjfaw1hz2vfmzeuanbnil0swyjwiiwidgh1bwiilcixmdb4mtuwxhuwmdnlil1d?sha=b2ffabf0d5038d69


    Transpersonal Approaches to Groups

    M. Honoré France

    Counsellors in a multicultural environment cannot use approaches that only reflect a Euro-centric worldview, nor can they separate the spirit, mind, emotions, and the physical world. The transpersonal theory combines all of these elements with "culture friendly" strategies that can work with a variety of people.

  • Ukrainian for Speakers of English Kit

    Introductory and Intermediate Levels

    Roma Franko
  • 9781550592986

    Once Upon A Crime

    Using Stories, Simulations, and Mock Trials to Explore Justice and Citizenship in Elementary School

    Wanda Cassidy, Ruth Yates

    The storybook mock trials and conflict resolution activities introduced in this book provide an engaging and safe way for children to develop their understanding of fairness and justice and how these concepts relate to rules and law.

  • W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmtcvmtjfndhfmzhfmjgwx2nvdmvyx2ltywdlxzq3lmpwzyjdlfsiccisinrodw1iiiwimtawede1mfx1mdazzsjdxq?sha=059e775d177d587d

    Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder

    Dr. Hossein Moghadam

    This book is not a scientific discourse, but rather it is a detailed presentation of the current knowledge on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It provides readers with a basic understanding of the disorder and is a reference point for making informed decisions on available treatments, and courses of action. 

  • Ukrainian%20text%20front%20cover

    Ukrainian for Speakers of English Text

    Introductory and Intermediate Levels

    Roma Franko
  • 9781550596779

    The Complete Canadian Book Editor

    Leslie Vermeer

    The essential resource for aspiring and professional editors. Whether you are a student of the craft or a working editor, you need this book.

  • Creative%20cover%20choice

    Creative Development

    Transforming Education through Design Thinking, Innovation, and Invention

    Robert Kelly

    This resource provides educators with the latest research in the field of creative development in education, along with tactics and strategies on how to effectively integrate creativity within general education practice.

  • 9781550594171

    Administrative Discretion in Education

    Alesha D. Moffat, Michael Manley-Casimir

    What is involved in the exercise of discretion by educational administrators? This collection of papers furthers research into this important question.

  • 9781550593983

    Exploring the Math and Art Connection

    Teaching and Learning Between the Lines

    Daniel H. Jarvis, Irene Naested

    Through innovative teaching strategies and more than 100 rich learning experiences, Jarvis and Naested give teachers a wealth of engaging tools to explore the math/art connection with students.

  • W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmtcvmtjfndhfmzlfmzcwx2nvdmvyx2ltywdlxzmwni5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisijewmhgxntbcdtawm2uixv0?sha=0fda9989687da443

    Diversity, Culture and Counselling

    A Canadian Perspective

    M. Honoré France, María del Carmen Rodríguez, Geoffrey G. Hett

    Bringing a fresh Canadian outlook to the field of multicultural counselling, this collection provides valuable information about many cultural groups in Canada with practical perspectives on subjects such as treating Muslim clients, the role of traditional healing methods in Aboriginal cultures, and more.

  • W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmtcvmtjfndhfndbfnjk3x2nvdmvyx2ltywdlxze0ny5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisijewmhgxntbcdtawm2uixv0?sha=af5ae05512d748b0

    Follow the Money

    Where is Alberta's Wealth Going?

    Kevin Taft, Mel McMillan, Junaid Jahangir

    Alberta’s most insightful political commentator is back with another essential book. Kevin Taft, together with economists Mel McMillan and Junaid Jahangir, follows the money to uncover why Alberta—one of the richest places on earth—still talks poor when it comes to public services.

  • 9781550597110

    The Global Education Race

    Taking the Measure of PISA and International Testing

    Sam Sellar, Greg Thompson, David Rutkowski

    A global education race now pits countries, regions and school systems against one another. But are we all running in the right direction?

  • Engaging%20in%20action%20research%20hr%20cover

    Engaging in Action Research

    A Practical Guide to Teacher-Conducted Research for Educators and School Leaders

    Jim Parsons, Kurtis Hewson, Lorna Adrian, Nicole Day

    From creating a research plan to reporting findings, this book provides step-by-step instructions to help teachers conduct research projects in the classroom, using strategies that work. 

  • 9781550597202

    The Elbow

    A River in the Life of the City

    John Gilpin

    Experience the life of a city through the story of a river. In this revised and updated edition, John Gilpin delivers the definitive history of the Elbow River and the vital role it played and continues to play in the lives of Calgarians.

  • Haida%202

    Haida Eagle Treasures

    Traditional Stories and Memories from a Teacher of the Tsath Lanas Clan

    Pansy Collison

    Take a journey into the heart of Haida culture as it is lived and experienced by an extraordinary woman of the Tsath Lanas Eagle Clan.

  • 9781550597165

    Elements of Indigenous Style

    A Guide for Writing By and About Indigenous Peoples

    Gregory Younging

    This book provides guidelines to help writers, editors, and publishers produce material that reflects Indigenous Peoples in an appropriate and respectful manner.

  • 9781550597240

    Education Policy

    Bridging the Divide Between Theory and Practice

    Jerome G. Delaney

    Jerome Delaney, a professor of educational administration and former high school principal, answers the big questions about education policy in this handy primer for students.