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The world is moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age, with ideas replacing facts as the currency of the times. The old educational culture of standardization and convention must adapt to become a more balanced educational landscape that embraces a culture of creativity. The challenge is to equip learners with the ability to creatively and critically apply the vast stores of information now at their fingertips, thanks to the Internet and other technological advances. Creative Expression, Creative Education is based on the premise that creativity should be a primary rationale for education. This collection of essays highlights the experiences of a wide community of creative producers who represent the energy of creative expression and creative education. Educators need to nurture an ongoing experience of creative engagement with diverse kinds of learning in students, and this book provides plenty of ideas for where to start.

Table of Contents

Section I: The Art of Creativity, Robert Kelly
Part 1: What is creativity?
Part 2: Longitudinal creativity
Part 3: A creative journey: The Concept of Raven

Section II: Ruminations on Creative Action
1. Notes on the art of doodling, Judd Palmer
2. Work with your hands, Ker Wells
3. In my own words, Gu Xiong
4. Beethoven in Kashmir, or, The Ninth in Calgary, Jaspreet Singh
5. The Four Horsemen Project, Kate Alton
6. Falling in love with poetry, or, Falling in love with nothing, Alison Pick
7. Our Town, Eric Rose
8. Four Legs Good, Murray Evans
9. Attack!, Annie Roy and Pierre Allard
10. Notes toward the cancellation of National Poetry Month, Stephanie Bolster
11. The unexpected moment, John Gzowski
12. The Thick Paintings, Eric Cameron
13. We are not amused, Dennis Cooley
14. Improviser, Marilyn Lerner
15. Nightswimming, or, Thoughts on creating a company, a program, a project, Brian Quirt
16. Some solid inspiration for creative writers, George McWhirter
17. Kaleidography, Jillian Keiley
18. Beyond reason, Lorri Neilsen Glenn
19. Ideas, Mona, and Women Fully Clothed, Robin Duke
20. Auragination: Musical creation: A personal view, Allan Gordon Bell

Section III: The Poetry of Creativity, Carl Leggo

Robert Kelly

Educator, author, artist, and keynote speaker Robert Kelly is a recognized leader in the fields of collaborative creativity, creative development, design thinking for innovation, and transformational educational practice. He is academic coordinator of the Collaborative Creativity and Design Thinking for Innovation graduate program in the Werklund School of Education, and an associate professor at the University of Calgary. Robert has been an invited visiting scholar and keynote speaker at several postsecondary institutions for his work in the field of collaborative creativity.

Carl Leggo

Carl Leggo, PhD, is a poet and professor in the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia, where he teaches courses in English language arts education, writing, and narrative research. His poetry, fiction and scholarly essays have been published in many journals in North America and around the world.