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Getting into med school in Canada isn’t easy—you need to stand out among a field of highly motivated and accomplished applicants. This book helps both high school and university students and their families learn to strategize and prepare for future medical applications now. Get on the inside track with insights from a pre-med expert and former medical school application reader/interviewer with 20 years of experience.

Christine provided essential guidance during the nerve-wracking process of applying to the Canadian medical school system. I attribute getting in on my first try to a school of my choice in part to her professional input. I am so impressed that I will be using her services again when I apply for my specialty fellowship abroad.

Danielle H., Haematology Resident

I decided to pursue medical school rather late, I was completing a masters degree at the time, and didn't know much about what was involved. Christine taught me about the application process and provided great advice about the types of things successful applicants do to stand out When it came time to apply, Christine helped me perfect my personal letters, fine tune my autobiographical sketch and even provided interview tips. I am very grateful to Christine for her help.

Graham S., General Surgery Resident

Christine Fader

Christine Fader has worked as a career counsellor for 20 years with university undergraduate and graduate students at Queen’s University from 1998-2018 and in private practice since 2007. During that time, she has helped thousands of students successfully apply to both medical school and residency programs. She was a medical school application reader and interviewer for a Canadian medical school for 8 years and also worked recruiting academic physicians to specialties such as neurology, haematology, interventional cardiology, palliative and critical care. She has developed and presented thousands of highly successful medical school and residency application and interview workshops for students.